A new website uniquely promoting Obagi Skin Care Products – Obagi Clear.net has just launched.

** Obagi Skin Care (WEBWIRE)– Sunday, January 27, 2008

ObagiClear.net aims to promote the complete line of Obagi Nu Derm skin care products including their basic Obagi System, Professional CRx, Elastiderm, and Clenziderm skin care line. Developed by Dr. Zein Obagi, the Obagi Nu Derm System synergistically helps to restore and rejuvenate healthy, beautiful skin.

One of their newest product, CLENZIderm M.D.™ is a prescription strength acne solution. Their official website (obagi.com) touts CLENZIderm as “the only acne treatment systems with a liquid form of benzoyl peroxide”, and “is clinically proven to provide visibly clearer skin as early as 2 weeks”

Obagi’s latest successful product out in the market is ELASTIderm™. Their website affirms “Obagi ELASTIderm uses a breakthrough bi-mineral complex to help replenish and crosslink elastin, and build collagen to give your skin functional elasticity”

Obagi’s clinical studies of ELASTIderm show:

* 46% – increase in elasticity in 9 weeks. Achieve youthful-looking skin fast.

* 16% – reduction in visible wrinkles after 9 weeks. Proven to reduce wrinkles in as little as two weeks.

* 71% – of subjects reported better results than achieved using other products. Uniquely effective results.

If you are looking for information and products on the Obagi Nu Derm Skin Care line, then visit ObagiClear.net. ObagiClear.net anticipates itself to be a one-stop resource for providing reviews, resources and information on Obagi. It will also educate consumers on skin conditions, skin ailments, other skin care products.