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Obagi Sunfader

    Obagi Nu Derm SUNFADER contains:


obagi sunfader

  • Contains padimate-O – Used for  both UVA and UVB light rays protection.
  • Hydroquinone 4% – Contains a formulation specific 4% hydroquinone .
  • Apply Evenly – Obagi Blender should be applied evenly to the entire face, avoiding the eyelids, extending to the hairline, over the ears and ending with a feathering motion from the jawline down the neck.
  • Sunscreen Protection – Provides a protective PABA-free (a known sensitizing agent) sunscreen SPF-15 protection, and lightens age spots, liver spots and freckles.
  • Obagi Sunfader – Step 6 in the Obagi System regimen. Apply after either Obagi Exfoderm or Obagi Exfoderm Forte.