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Obagi Tretinoin

Available Strengths:

    Obagi TRETINOIN – .025%
    Obagi TRETINOIN – .05%
    Obagi TRETINOIN – .10%:

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tretinoin .05%tretinoin .10%

    Product Description:

  • – Restores  intracellular transcription and stimulates renewal of healthy skin cells repairing damage to deeper layers of the skin, necessary to the therapeutic process.
  • – Best results are achieved when used with the Obagi Nu-Derm Transformation System
  • – Obagi Tretinoin .05% and .10% are physician prescription strength. Physician/Dermatologist consultation is required prior to use
    Product Features:

  • Treats Fine Wrinkles
  • Eliminates Acne
  • Repairs Photo-damaged Skin
  • Soothes Dark Spots

Obagi Tretinoin .05% (TRET-i-noyn) has been clinically proven to effectively repair photodamaged skin and eliminate acne.

Facial skin problems including fine wrinkles, dark spots and rough skin resulting from the damaging rays of the sun are treated with Obagi Nu-derm Tretinoin.

Tretinoin is the only prescribed treatment for acne and photodamaged skin that works at a cellular level. Obagi Tretinoin penetrates the skin and actually helps to correct the DNA found in the skin cells to correct photodamage.

Obagi Nuderm Tretinoin is available in 3 strengths:
*.025% Obagi Tretinoin Cream – all the benefits of the stronger creams without the side effects. Use if you are new to tretinoin.

*.05% Obagi Tretinoin Cream – if you have used retinol, retin-a, or the 0.25 strength, this one is for you.

*.10% Obagi Tretinoin Cream- for severe acne. Repairs the effects of photodamage: fine lines, wrinkles, leather-like skin and discoloration. Clears out pores, eliminating acne before it starts. Helps leave the skins appearance youthful, clear, smooth, and bright.