Are you considering the popular Obagi Skin Care System? Not knowing what to expect can be overwhelming, but for many who have experienced the physician strength Obagi treatment, the results of beautiful, healthy skin far outweigh any uncertainty.

Before you start the Obagi Skin Care System, you should be aware of the process your skin goes through during its distinct stages. The Obagi protocol  consists of three phases of skin change, and the process your skin undergoes as it restores and returns to health is recognized as the Obagi Restoration Process. The length of time your skin comprises in each phase hinges upon the Nu-Derm protocol your trained doctor has recommended and on the circumstance of your skin.

The 3 phases of the Obagi Skin Care restoration and what you should expect through each process is summarized below :

Phase 1 – The Obagi system starts off with the initial correction and stimulation phase and is known as the Reaction Phase. This is the time in which the damaged top layer of skin is replaced by a fresh layer of healthier skin cells. It undergoes about six weeks for a “newborn” cell to extend to the top layer and exfoliate. Common symptoms you will experience are dryness, itching, exfoliation, burning, and redness. Your skin may be more sensitive, and your acne and wrinkles may even look worse.

Sticking to the Obagi plan is very crucial at all stages, but moreso when the skin looks to worsen – just ensure your physician is aware of your symptoms. These responses are a preindication that skin restoration is in process. The Obagi Skin Care system is speeding up the cell turnover to actually modify the thickness of the rough crest layer of the skin. This stage is particularly crucial for sensitive skin since ultimately, it will lower its sensitivity and be more tolerant to environmental aggression. By the conclusion of this first stage, your efforts will pay off with your skin beginning to appear more translucent and smooth.
Phase 2 – Skin correction and stimulation carries through the second phase. By now, your skin accepts built up tolerance to the Obagi system. Because fresh skin cells arrive at the surface, skin improvement becomes obvious and tangible. Even more crucial, the Obagi system is helping the skin gain the production of collagen and elastin to decrease wrinkles and shrink pore size. Skin color turns even and clear, and skin texture is supple and naturally hydrated. In this phase, you should anticipate skin reactions to lessen, and your skin looks visibly good.

Phase 3 – In the last stage of the Obagi Skin Care treatment, your skin correction and stimulation have peaked. Finally, your skin takes part in the last stage as your skin tolerance is now complete. Your skin is healthy, with surface problems corrected. This is what you’ve been waiting for. In this phase your skin looks and feels healthy with just a minimal maintenance program.

Depending on how aggressive the protocol you and your doctor chose, your skin will have accomplished various degrees of stimulation. In this last phase, you should expect your skin reactions to almost disappear, and enjoy the best skin thus far. Once all three phases has ended, your Obagi Skin Care System is complete. Time to smile at your beautiful self, even when you’re all alone.

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