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Obagi Tolereen – Control Step
Obagi Tolereen, containing 0.5% hydrocortisone in a specialised moisturizing base, and is formulated to help inhibit irritation, sensitivity, and itching.

Tolereen can be applied as needed, exclusively or with a moisturizer to gain comfort for any patient sustaining severe anticipated responses to the treatment.

Note: Tretinoin, Exfoderm Forte, or Exfoderm can be discontinued for one (1) to two (2) days and Tolereen implemented until reactions stop and the patient feels a lot comfortable. This break in treatment can be repeated as called for until a natural tolerance is reached. Tolereen can as well be applied on occasion without ceasing tretinoin or the Exfoderm preparations to increase comfort.

Obagi Action – Control Step
Obagi Action is a mild, well-tolerated moisturizer that can be applied for comfort during the Obagi Skin Health Restoration system and after treatment, such as the Blue Peel or laser resurfacing. It is mild and gentle on every skin types, does not experience oiliness, and does not clog pores. Apply sparingly only if the skin is uncomfortably dry.

Obagi Action can also be used to cut the strength of Exfoderm, Exfoderm Forte or Clear. The patient may apply Action as frequently as desired, but should be counseled that regular use will weaken the effects of the restoration program and lengthen the time involved to accomplish the desired outcomes.

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